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What if the audio did not work on your streaming shows or games? Not acceptable, right? It's all part of the whole package. Why should my access be any different than yours?

An Evening with RBG

In September, I had the opportunity to attend an accessible Ruth Bader Ginsburg lecture in Little Rock. Organized by the Clinton Foundation and Clinton School of Public Service, this event was part of the Kumpuris Distinguished Lecture series. The event was announced in May, and I jumped at the chance for a ticket, but was... Continue Reading →


UPDATE on the Calvary Baptist/Lysa TerKeurst saga from my last post: I received an email Monday morning stating that the overflow room at the conference was eliminated because: "Our closed circuit signal tests have been of such poor quality we are unable to guarantee a consistent signal in the over flow room. The outside technical... Continue Reading →


For most of my life, I've (tried to) deal with loneliness and feeling left out of things. Over 40 years of being excluded from a variety of things can do a number on your mental health and self-worth if you allow it.

New Travel Article

My latest published article is a feature about Queen Wilhelmina State Park in Arkansas. I love doing travel articles like this! (I'm currently working on another one for the winter issue of this regional magazine.) Check out the magazine and article here.  


Technology isn't always my friend. Case in point: the trend toward webinars and podcasts that don't have subtitles or transcripts. I recently signed up for a webinar about kickstarting a public speaking business. It's something I've had in the back of my mind for a while, and after attending a conference last month, I think... Continue Reading →

Book Report: Such a Pretty Girl

When you have a disability, sometimes it's the unspoken things that stand out the most. Exclusion by others. Lack of accessibility. Sideway looks or outright stares. And unfinished sentences like "Such a pretty girl...."  Such a Pretty Girl, by Nadina LaSpina, gives readers a glimpse into the life of a polio survivor -- from her... Continue Reading →

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